Trying to come back

So, I keep receiving emails about comments on the post “Aprenda a programar em dez anos”. I really appreciate it. Even if it is an old text, it is still very actual and still makes sense now days.

I am looking for a place to write about my projects, what I am doing, why I was away for so long time… I tough about a new blog, but, why a new one if I have this old and (may be) cool place? There is still people reading this blog?

So, a little bit of what I am doing:
I am living in Germany since 2010, where since 2011 ends, I am doing my PhD at Max Planck Institute for Informatics at Bioinformatics group. My area is computational epigenetics, where I am working with a lot of data, very probably you will see a lot of texts about big data and these actual hypes here related with (epi-)genetics.

I will see something cool, probably MongoDB, and I will write about it soon.

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